November 18th to 22nd 2019

Who can get involved?

Primary Schools, Nurseries, Preschools, Kindergarten

Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, Nannies, Childminders

Home Educators, Speech and Language Practitioners, Librarians

Anyone who works with or has a child under the age of 7

The importance of nursery rhymes for the under 7’s

Nursery rhymes play an important role in early childhood development and education. 
As well as being fun they are excellent teaching tools:

Nursery rhymes and children’s songs boost vocabulary and language development

They help children to develop literacy skills

They provide a fun way to support early numeracy skills

Nursery rhymes help children to develop social, physical and emotional skills.

3.1 million children

3.1 million children from 70 + countries have participated in our ‘Rhyme A Day’ Challenge since the initiative began in 2013 – that’s a lot of singing!

Our oldest participant was 102 years old (a great, great Grandmother from South Korea!). Our youngest participant was 2 hours old (Yanis, born at home in Paris, France!)